Spectral Performance

Infrared Cut 90%
Visible Light 70%
Ultraviolet Cut 99%
Haze Level 0.81


Thermal Control

In winter, KristalBond prevents heat loss from windows, reducing energy used for heating.
Retains heat
Reduces cold draft and increase comfort
Reduces condensation

In summer, KristalBond blocks heat caused by infrared rays for a cooler interior.
Reduces HVAC usage
Increases comfort, especially near glass areas



Does not peel
Does not bubble
Will not delaminate
Easy maintenance

Results in:
Better clarity



Lasts more than 15 years

Durability – Test Reports

Scratch hardness test (pencil method)
Standard Number: JIS K 5600-5.4 : 1999 (equivalent to ISO/DIS 15184:96) 6H

Tested according to ISO Standards “Exposure to Laboratory Light Sources” (Filtered Xenon-Arc 3000Hours) Standard Number: ISO16474-2:2013

Comparison with tinted films and low-e glass: