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A virtual dataroom permits companies to share data with buyers and investors without putting sensitive information at risk. The most secure VDRs are secure, malleable and simple to use which makes them a valuable tool for M&A due diligence, real estate transactions and much more.

To find the right virtual data room, it’s important to consider the features you require and then compare vendors’ offerings. For instance, you’ll want a vendor that can encrypt data in transit and storage and provides options such as watermarking and restricted views to avoid leaks by accident. It is also important to determine whether a vendor’s security features can be customized.

Another option to consider is file management tools. They include multilingual search, OCR, document preview and smart AI category options. Also, make sure the data room offers any analytics or reports for users. Certain providers, like iDeals or Citrix, include these in their subscription plans while others charge an additional fee.

Also, you should look for a data room that has a simple interface. All customers, both former and current, who review iDeals mention the ease of access. It is easy to install, navigate and understand regardless of the user backgrounds in technology. Also, there aren’t a lot of reviews about Datasite however those that do are there highlight the ease of use. You can check out the trial the virtual room provides to test before making a decision.

features of a virtual data room

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