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What is a board portal?

Board portals are secure, cloud-based board management software that provide a digital space for organizations to store and organize sensitive information. They enable boards of directors, advisory panels, and administrators to efficiently manage their responsibilities.

What are the advantages of a portal for boards for your company?

A board portal can help cut costs by removing the need for hard copies to be printed and distributed. It also offers a more complete, secure system of record. Boards can also collaborate on documents and participate in discussions that are collaborative.

What is the process for setting up the board meeting.

In order to set up a board meeting, administrators prepare a meeting agenda and circulate it to board members. They also set up electronic signatures, upload or modify documents, as well sending meeting notifications and manage workspaces and users on portals.

How can board members access the board portal?

Board portals allow board members to access and read meeting materials from anywhere and at any point via the internet or mobile device. They also come with an embedded voting platform that allows them to secure vote during meetings and to automatically record their votes into a meeting record.

Find features that make it easier to accomplish routine tasks, such as meeting preparation and updating directors when dates or documents change. You should also ask how the product develops in time to meet the evolving needs of your organization and governance best practices.

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