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DX-899 covers are one of the unique cover which is made of sporty red Color and has 3 Layered Compressed Fabric Which makes it Premium and Light weight Outdoor Cover.

  • Water Resistant
  • Dust Proof
  • UV Protection
  • Scratch Proof
  • Rust Resistant
  • Customized Fit
  • 3 Layered
  • Smooth Finished


DX-899 Covers are ideal for outdoor weather. Made from Sporty Red colour and designed in an elegant shape to give it a trendy look. None the less it is dust proof and water resistant. It is made from Three-layer fabric which provides strength and durability. DX-899 Jacket is ideal for outdoor protection. covers are coated with special polymer that creates a semi-permeable membrane preventing the water to permeate through it.

However, the moisture vapour permeable membrane allows trapped moisture to evaporate out from under the cover. So the moisture will be able to go out but water will not be able to go in.



Smooth & Scratch proof:

  • Material inside Is Soft Polyester based ,it also prevents the rubbing of corrosive material to the surface of your car and protects the glass and paint.


Locking systems:

  • With our 3 way locking system and front and rear German Elastics even your cover will stay where it best suits to be.


Fitting and Perfection:

  • All our indoor and outdoor covers are manufactured by heavy duty machines which gives the covers over locked seams and are then pin stitched on top to create a clean and seamless finish.
  • To give the covers durable and strong we give it three shots of stitch.
  • TPH Skin fit covers are specially designed and manufactured by our highly skilled team to ensure the perfect fitting on your car.
  • The fitting is so beautiful that it does not hide your cars hot shape and curves instead it allows it to flaunt.
  • Our Expert Team Members always are very accurate about the measurements and stitches are taken very deliberately to get the desired size and shape to get the perfect skin fit cover for your car.


Protective Reflectors:

  • TPH Covers comes with the specially designed reflector graphics on head lamps, tail lights and side mirrors. High viz Piping and the Logo Can added as per your choice.


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