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Superior protection and air
freshening for your car interior.

Time-released fragrance keeps car
interiors smelling fresh for days. Leaves
a lustrous shine with no oily residue.
613825 – New Car Scent
613823 – Citrus Fragrance
613824 – Strawberry Fragrance
615044 – Vanilla Fragrance
615049 – Cherry Fragrance
613710 – Coconut Fragrance



  • Shines and protects auto interiors including vinyl, rubber and leather.
  • Time-release fragrance keeps car smelling fresh for days.
  • Will not dry out interior surfaces or cause cracking.
  • Leaves lustrous shine with no oily residue. Will not attract dust.
  • Available in six great fragrances – New Car, Strawberry, Coconut, Cheery, Vanilla, Fresh Citrus

12/10.64 oz. (315 ml)


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