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GLASS CLEANER with Rain Repellant

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  • Repels water to improve visibility.
  • Cleans bugs, dirt and road film without streaking. Beads water to improve driving visibility in the rain.
  • No need to use wipers.



Shake well before use. Spray product directly onto glass surface, holding bottle at a 45 degree angle. Wipe with dry paper towel, soft cloth or microfiber towel in circular motion. Wipe product down as evenly as possible.

For excessively dirty glass, reapply as necessary. After wiping, lightly buff with a dry towel or cloth for a rain-repelling shine.

When applied properly, water will bead up on the glass and roll off the surface.

When beads of water take on an irregular shape, it’s time to reapply Formula 1.

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12/24 oz. (710 ml)


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