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  • KristalBond coating in liquid form can be coated on curved glass and large glass areas seamlessly for a perfect smooth finishing.
  • An ultra clear nano coating, KristalBond reduces reflection on glass due to its crystal like nature. ​
  • Only 7 microns thin with a low haze level of 0.8, KristalBond owes its super transparency to nanotechnology.
  • 90% Infrared Cut, 70% Visible Light, 99% Ultraviolet Cut, 0.81 Haze Level
  • Applied to the inside of existing glass, KristalBond is chemically bonded onto the glass to form a durable layer.
  • In summer, KristalBond: Reduce air-conditioning usage & increase its efficiency Increase comfort, especially near glass areas
  • In winter, KristalBond reduces heat loss from windows by retaining far infrared generated indoor.
  • Crust Concept Marketing Pvt.Ltd. India is an authorised channel partner in India for KristalBond Energy saving glass coating.
    This solar control liquid coating is invented and developed by Japan using Sol-Gel nanotechnology and patented in 16 countries: Australia, Brunei, China, France, Germany, Italy, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, The United Kingdom, The United States of America, Japan and Belgium. Now in India.
  • KristalBond is an ideal energy saving glass coating for today’s glass architecture to maximise day light penetration, hence it reduces the usage of artificial lights inside the room. It also reduces the room temperature by filtering the Infra Red rays by 90 %. It protects the interior finishes from fading by filtering ultraviolet rays by 99 %. KristalBond energy saving glass coating provides solution to all premises including residential and commercial buildings to enjoy cooler & enhanced quality of living environment. It integrate environmental, social & Governance factors to create sustainable value in living environment for today, tomorrow & future.
  • Harvest natural light and save on artificial lighting during the day with KristalBond.
  • Colourless, KristalBond preserves your window’s originality, keeping it clear without any distortion.


KristalBond application instructional video


Frequently asked questions

Visibility/Performance/ KristalBond Energy Saving Physical properties / warranty /Application / Maintenance of KristalBond

How much solar energy does KB BG90 reject (Total Solar Energy Rejection [TSER])?

Ans : From the test report, KB BG90 coated on 6mm clear float glass, rejects a total solar radiation of about 44 %, these includes 90 % of IR, 99 % of UV and 15 % of visible light.

What is special about KB BG90 coating since there is not much difference in physical appearance after it is applied onto the glass?

Ans : Before KB BG90 application, TSER on 6mm clear float glass is 20%. After KB BG90 application, TSER becomes 80% (whereby 99% of harmful UV rays and 90% of IR are rejected.)

Hence, KristalBond creates a more conducive living environment where you can enjoy clear view and natural lighting.

How does KB block heat since its VLT is high? (How does KristalBonded glass improve heat cut?)

Ans : Tinted glass blocks high amounts of VLT but allows IR transmission which converts into heat. KB BG90 does the opposite by blocking high amounts of IR (90%) yet allows high VLT of 76%. This means KB BG90 allows more light transmission rather than heat.

Does KB BG90 coating block the incoming sunlight and make the interior darker?

Ans :No, the VLT drops by only 10~14%. For example, on a 6mm clear float glass, the initial VLT is 88% and after coating it with KB BG90, the VLT drops to 76%.

Does tinted glass reduce heat like KristalBond?

Ans : Tinted glass does reduce a certain amounts of heat. However, the trade offs are lower VLT and permanent coloured image (colour distortion).

On the other hand, KB BG90 provides high VLT plus the benefit of 99% UV cut and 90% IR cut. It also maintains the natural view without colour distortion making it suitable for retail outlets, showrooms, window displays, skylights and hotels.

How much energy is saved before and after KB BG90 application?

Ans :Energy saving simulation is complicated and requires an engineer to do a comprehensive simulation. If you can provide the information such as the original glass performance, the window’s size and orientation, and location, we are able to calculate the estimated energy savings. As a basic principle, energy incoming from East or West facing windows can be reduced by as much as 20%.

On the average, KB BG90 reduces room temperature by 3-5°C, and when the sun shines directly on the window the temperature difference can be as high as 7-10°C.

Is KB BG90 technology Energy Absorptive or Energy Reflective?

Ans : KB coating is energy absorptive.

How can the 10% of Infrared transmittance give 56% of DET (Solar transmission)?

Ans :

  • The total solar spectrum wavelength covers from 280 to 2,500 nanometer consist of Ultraviolet, Visible light and Infrared 
  • Total Solar Energy = Ultraviolet 2%, Visible light 47% and Infrared 51% 
  • KristalBond coating transmits 10% Infrared. 
  • The remainder 50% solar energy which comes from UV and Visible light are not addressed. 
  • Hence DET 55% is the result. .
KB BG 90 Cuts 99% of Ultraviolet rays, does that mean my furniture/display items will NOT fade? Does KristalBond stop fading ?

Ans :

Contrary to popular believe, zero UV rays does not equals to zero fading. KristalBond does not stop fading, it reduces the fading duration.

Ultraviolet exposure is the main cause of fading, however it is not the only factor. Here is a breakdown on the causes of fading:
40% UV
25% Heat
25% Visible Light
10% Misc.

How much longer can my furniture / display items last now that there is KristalBond coating on the windows to cut off UV rays and minimize infrared ?

Ans :  There is no absolute answer on this. The life of your valuables, in terms of fading, depends on multiple factors such as the colour and materials of your home furnishings; the frequency, duration and intensity of UV exposure; variations in temperature and humidity in the home; and the way home furnishings are used and maintained.

Furniture and displays that uses material with UV-resistant properties have more resistance to fading, however as described above, UV protection alone is insufficient to stop fading.

Will my plants live without getting any UV ?

Ans :  Plants live well without UV. They require a lot of natural visible light without any tint/colour. Using KB BG90 will not change a plants growth.

Does KB coating remove glare ?

Ans :  KB BG90 provides slight reduction on VLT, resulting in less glare without compromising on clarity. However, it does not remove the glare completely, since KB BG90’s main objective is to harvest natural visible on the maximum level.

Will KB BG90 distort the view like window films ?

Ans :  KB BG90 minimizes distortion. KB coating is chemically bonded onto the glass without adhesive; therefore it is air bubble-free. Moreover, once it is cured, it forms a structure similar to that of the glass. Hence the image distortion remains at minimal.

Is KB BG90 technology patented ?

Ans : Yes, it is patented in 16 countries, including Australia, Belgium, Brunei, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, UK and USA

What is Sol-Gel ?

Ans : Sol-Gel is the term used to describe the change of phase from ‘liquid’ to ‘solid’. KB BG90 uses this change of phase to form glass-like structure without using high temperature. Normal glass need to be heated over 600°C to form, yet, KB BG90 can be processed at room temperature.

Does KB BG90 technology have a ‘green label’?

Ans :  No. Solar control coating such as KB BG90 is relatively new in the industry and no standard is set up. KB is in contact with relevant authorities for any update on this matter and information will be updated on our website.

What is the main ingredient of KB BG90?

Ans : Its main ingredient is the silicone based binder which is similar to glass (SiO2). This makes KristalBond compatible with the glass surface and having similar attributes such as:  Clarity,  Resistance to weather, scratch and fire

What is the durability of KB BG90? Does it bubble or peel like window films ?

KB BG90 has the similar composition as glass. It is chemically bonded onto glass without the use of adhesive. Therefore, it will not bubble or peel off from the glass like film. KristalBond provides a 10-year warranty against cracking, bubbling and peeling of the coating

What is the thickness of KB BG90 coating compared to window film ?

Ans : KB BG90 is averagely 7 micrometers thick while most films are about 40 micrometers thick. (Depending on films.)

When the glass breaks, can KB BG90 hold the glass like the film does? Does film provide better safety feature ?

Ans : KB BG90 doesn’t change the glass safety specification, which means if the original glass is supposed to break at certain impact, it will break even if it is coated.

Is KB BG90 coating scratch resistant? What is the hardness of the coating ?

Ans : The Hardness of KB BG90 coating is 6H. It is scratch resistant to a certain extent; however it is not scratch-proof.

Is KB BG90 coating fire resistant ?

Ans : KB coating is combustion resistance, tested under JIS R3211:1998 and JIS R3212:1998. It does not incinerate nor release toxic fumes upon exposure to fire.

Can KB BG90 make coated glass fire-rated/fire-proof ?

Ans : KB coating is combustion resistance, tested under JIS R3211:1998 and JIS R3212:1998. However, it does not make the glass fire-proof or fire-rated, which has a different meaning in standard.

How long can KB BG90 coating last ?

Ans : KB gives a 10-year warranty against bubbling, peeling and cracking. However, the coating can last beyond 10 years with minimal change to its properties.

What happens after 10 years? Does KB coating loose its effectiveness or would it disappear ?

Ans : Through Weathering Test in accordance with ISO 11341: 1994, using the filtered Xenon-arc, KristalBond’s coating was exposed to intense radiation for 2000 hours which is equivalent to 10 years of sun exposure (according to industrial standards). KristalBond passed the test with minimal change to its performance. Its UV performance may be reduced by 7%.

What is the maximum or minimum area KB BG90 is able to coat ?

Ans : There is no limit on height. The width can be as wide as 4m at this moment and can be extended.

Are there any noticeable joints after KB coating?

Ans : Unlike window films, which come in a fixed size, KB coating is seamless. You won’t see any joints on the coated glass.

Is there any glass that cannot be coated ?

Ans : KristalBond is not applicable on
Reflective glass (coated side)
Low-E glass (coated side)
Frosted glass (treated side)
Decorative (printed side)
Wired glass. (Assess of thermal stress calculation prior to the coating)

Is KB BG90 applicable on the glass surface facing outside?

Ans : KB BG90 is applied on the glass surface facing inside only to protect it from the elements.

Can KB BG90 be coated on Plexiglas ?

Ans : KB BG90 is designed to bond on glass surface only. Although Plexiglas may sounds like glass, it is a type of plastic. Therefore, KB BG90 can’t be coated on Plexiglas.

Can KB BG90 be coated on other material other than glass ?

Ans : No. It is designed for glass surface only.

What are the colours available for KB BG90 ?

Ans : Currently, KB BG90 clear is the standard, ensuring clear view with low haze level. A light tint of green or blue is available upon request at extra cost.

How long does it take to coated ?

Ans : Depending on the window sizes. (On the average, a 2-member team can do up to 50m2/
538ft2 per day, subject to conditions). Please check with the application/tech support team for each project.

Can KB BG90 be coated before the glass is installed ?

Ans : Yes, it can be done. Some glass installers and client prefer to coat the glass prior to installation. However, the following steps have to be adhered to before wrapping the coated
glass to protect it during transportation:
The coated surface needs to be fully cured (min. 3 days at 25-30°C)
Direct sun exposure after tack-free accelerates the curing process.
Do not expose coated surface to water.

Can KB BG90 be coated on glass before it is laminated (laminated glass) ?

Ans : Yes, it can be done. However, the coated surface must be fully cured (7 days) before laminate process takes place. For more details, please consult us for further information.

Can KB BG90 be coated on tinted window film?

Ans : No. We have to remove the film first before applying the liquid onto glass. Additional cost is incurred for the removal of the window film.

Does KB BG90 changes the original colour appearance of glass ?

Ans : KB BG90 is almost colourless, except for a light tinge of green. When applied onto glass it is hard to tell the difference between a coated and non-coated glass.

There is an odour after KB BG90 application, what is it and will it affect a person’s health ?

Ans : The odour is the alcohol-based solvents which will dissipate in 1 day. Wait 24 hours before ventilating the room by opening the windows/doors. The amount of solvents used in KB BG90 is within the threshold specified by the relevant authorities.

If you are sensitive to the smell, it is advisable not to stay in the area for at least one day.

How is the Application Process like ?

Ans : Here’s what we will do:
Protect your fixed furniture and the areas near the glass with plastic sheets and protective tapes
Clean the glass to be free from dust and oil
Coat the glass with KristalBond

How long does KB BG90 take to dry ?

Ans : The surface drying process takes about 1 hour. It takes 7 days for full curing. After 7 days, you can clean the glass as usual with soft cloth and mild detergent.

KristalBond is a liquid coating which has a tendency to attract dust from its surrounding. How are you going to minimise the dust particle level?

Ans : We have processes in our application method to minimize dust particles before we do the coating on the glass such as :
protecting the work area
thoroughly cleaning the glass
limiting the number of persons in the area.

Do you need to dismantle the glass panel during the coating process ?

Ans : No. Coating will be done on-site without removal of the glass.

How do you ensure the coating thickness is consistent ?

Ans : Consistency is achieved by :
Fixing the ratio of the liquid to use for a specific area.
Applicators strictly following the application procedures which are designed to obtain a uniformed finishing.
KB BG90’s natural self-levelling property helps it to spread uniformly when the right application process is observed.

What are the precautions to follow when cleaning a KristalBonded glass? What types of detergents should be used ?

Ans : You can wipe the glass with a soft cloth and a mild glass cleaner. Do NOT use strong acidic or alkaline detergents. Neutral (pH5-8) detergent is best.

Can I stick removable stickers on KB BG90 coated glass for advertisement? What can I use to remove glue ?

Ans : Yes, you can paste these stickers over it as long as the coated surface is fully cured (7 days). You can use IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) to remove the remaining glue residues. However, do not use paint thinner or other solvents as it may attack the coating. Also, do not use sharp objects such as the scraper to remove the sticker.

I spilled paint over KB BG90 coated glass surface. Can turpentine be used for paint removal ?

Ans : Yes, it can be used. However, do not leave it soaked on the KB BG90 coating for too long. If you find the coating looking hazy, it is caused by the solvent in the paint which attacks the KB BG90. Paint thinner should not be used as it will attack the coating.

I scratched the KB BG90 coating. Can it be repaired ?

Ans : No. When it is scratched, it cannot be repaired just like ordinary glass.

Can I use a window cleaning squeegee? Will it scratch KB BG90 coating?

Ans : You can use it for cleaning. However, please take caution there is no hard particle, such as sand, between the rubber blade as it may cause the scratches.

3 reviews for GLASS COATING

  1. Sapnesh Varachal (Script Writer, Ad film maker)

    Thank You KristalBond.
    applied your product in my residence and office. It rejects heat by cutting IR Rays without reducing the visibility; it reduces temperature 3 to 4 degree centigrade inside the room, resulting comfortable days, low electricity bills.

  2. Rajesh Narayanan (Cinemotographer)

    I have tried several method to reduce heat, which resulted loss of visibility through my windows. Then i have applied KristalBond heat rejecting glass coating in CineUnit caravans and power supply vehicles including my office and residence, it really works. It rejects UV Rays to 99%, Which protect my equipments and furniture. I recommend KristalBond to all..

  3. Vijeesh V (Senior IT Professional)

    I am forced to stay long days in the office with glass paneling on the other side, which make me tired of sun rays ;
    recently we are coated with KristalBond heat rejecting glass coating, it gives me extreme pleasure to say that it reduces the heat falling inside. Now i enjoy sitting more comfortably inside the office while enjoing scenic view outside in the silicone valley.

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